Loetle tooted brändi Kanetsune Seki järgi

Kitasho Co., Ltd. was established in Seki City, Japan in 1964. Since 1930 our ancesters have created cutlery for wholesale. Seki city is located in the middle of Japan, where it has been called “The City of Cutlery” in Japan and worldwide.

The brand name “Kanetsune” was named after a famous sword Smith, Kanetsune lived in Muromachi period around 14-15 century. He made extremely keen and tough Katanas that were known by many Samurais in Japan and overseas. Some of his swords are displayed in the Katana museum in Seki city.

We continue to strive on making keen and tough cutlery that is loved around the world. Seki-city will continue the legacy of creating cutlery utilizing the inherited techniques like the katana made approximately 800 years ago.

We are the company which has been contributing to provide excellent cutlery made in Seki city, Japan. By combining new idea with traditional techniques we believe our products will progress even further. We will continue to achieve the highest level growth in the world.

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